Poland Addresses OSM

Map Poland Addresses OSM contains over 8 millions of address points, which can be searched in Garmin GPS. Map is transparent and invisible, can be used with any other detailed map. To activate search on Poland Addresses OSM, select country "Polska AD".

Map was created with use of test options of mkgmap compiler. Map was tested on several GPS models but please install it in SD card to avoid problems in case of incompatiblility with your device.

Following picture shows cooperation between Poland Addresses OSM and City Navigator Europe. Address is found basing on OSM data, that's why it includes country name as "Polska Ad".

Map for Garmin devices © CC BY-NC 4.0 AP http://www.gmaptool.eu/
Map data credit © OpenStreetMap contributors http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright

Archive contains map ready to be installed in GPS. Extracted img file should be copied to folder \Map in nuvi or SD card.

Compilation July 2023.

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