USA OSM Topo Routable

Detailed map of USA for Garmin GPS, based on OpenStreetMap data. Size of the map is about 9GB. Maps can be installed under Windows or Mac OSX.

Map properties:

  • full range of OSM data
  • U.S. Geological Survey Land Cover Woodland
  • NOAA depth contours
  • elevation data DEM, 3 arc second resolution (SRTM and Viewfinder Panoramas)
  • 25m contours lines
  • marine objects
  • geographical names in English or transliteration
  • address search
  • routable

Smaller regions can be downloaded from menu on the left. Continental part of USA is divided into 6 regions, Alaska and Hawaii are released as separate maps.

Regjony USA

Map for Garmin devices © CC BY-NC 4.0 AP
Map data credit © OpenStreetMap contributors
Map data U.S. Geological Survey Land Cover
Map data NOAA depth contours
DEM data and
Mapnik TYP GNU GPL v3
Map icons CC-0